CaN International is an independent professional firm consisting of experts with extensive experiences in supporting global business for multinational corporations. Our professionals will provide you with services that satisfy your needs.

A wide range of knowledge and experience with diverse backgrounds

Our professionals are certified public accountants and tax accountants of Japan or other countries and have work experiences in major accounting firms or tax authorities after graduating from domestic and foreign leading educational institutions. With the backgrounds in each professional’s specialized fields, we have provided our services to many Japanese and non-Japanese corporations, including the challenging projects related to corporate growth strategies which require very high-level accounting knowledge and skills such as cross-border M&A and IPO support.

Close communication and convincing solutions

It is more difficult for companies to fully understand their significant issues as the global business environment gets more complex. Having communications with independent third parties like us may be effective for identifying such issues. In our philosophy, having close communications with the clients is essential and critical to point out the issues. We identify operational, organizational, financial, tax and/or legal issues with a full understanding of the clients’ business through close communications with them and then solve the issues together with the clients.

Practicable solutions and implementation support

CaN International offers practicable solutions and supports to implement them. Our consultants support many clients in the execution phase of their business activities through providing bookkeeping services, accounting advisory, business process outsourcing, financial audit, and various consulting services. Based on a great deal of experiences in planning of the business revitalizations, monitoring, M&A and PMI support services, we also provide consulting services by conducting a keen analysis of the clients’ business, constantly taking the practicability into account. As part of a wide variety of our services, we offer a one-stop service to help our clients develop their growth strategies by providing the execution or outsourcing support for global business, especially when the clients do not have sufficient human resources.

Global network

Considering the increasing complexity of the global business environment, it is important to form the most suitable team consisting of the accounting, tax, legal and other experts from the relevant countries to solve problems. We have established a broad network with experts and other professional firms in a variety of fields both within and outside Japan that were developed through our consultants’ international assignments or global business. Our consultants are experts in their own areas and, at the same time, are coordinators to arrange or form a team of experts.
Moreover, we offer a wide variety of alliance proposals between corporations using our network.

Transparency in Fee Structure

The outcome of highly value-added consulting service should be derived not from the time spent by consultants or a large volume of reports in beautiful bindings but from simple and feasible deliverables which contain new perspectives and deep insights. Our services are provided based on mutual fee agreements with our clients after they agree about the scope of services along with the methods for providing our services and deliverables. Therefore, our clients fully understand what they will receive through our services before any service gets started, and they work with us under the clear fee structure.