Global business is increasingly competitive

As the technology and the transportation have developed now, today is the age of the borderless economy. More multinational companies seek their opportunities to grow new businesses in the international markets. Some large corporations now have remarkable business growth due to the rising local living standards especially in the emerging Asian countries; nevertheless, most of the corporations attracted by the giant companies’ success may be far from their own success. This results from the intense competition, the oligopolization, or favorable treatments to local companies by the governments in such markets, with one or more of which it is inevitable for the market newcomers to struggle.

Difficulty in global business activities

The global business is increasingly important nowadays, while its environment is intensively competitive. In reality, many corporations find it difficult to succeed in their global business. Based on our experience, the following various challenging factors can be the reasons for the difficulties: industry-specific business risks at overseas expansion, the opacity and complexity of local legislations and taxation, and differences of local business customs, cultures, or characteristics of the nations. Under these circumstances, keys to take the lead in the international business competition are, first, proper and proactive identification of potential risks and consequences specific to global operations, accounting, taxation, and legal aspects and, secondly, feasible solutions to mitigate the risks. CaN International professionals with global business experiences assist our clients in reducing their risks and easing their difficulties so that they can be more competitive in foreign countries while focusing on their core business activities.

Our strength

CaN International professionals have been through the real global business world. With our experiences in the global business and in the consulting for marketplace entry, we support our clients’ new or existing international business operations. Moreover, based on diverse backgrounds and extensive experiences gained at the leading companies in various industries, we can identify risks and provide advice and support services for the implementation not only from the perspective of systems including tax and other regulations but also from our practical business approaches. Accordingly, our consultants take advantage of their own strength and work together to solve cross-border management issues faced by our clients.

Our beliefs

Our professionals are proud of their home countries and, just as important, respect other countries. In our overseas offices as well, consultants locally hired cooperate with each other regardless of their nationalities to carry out their work.
Further, we believe that, through our valued services, our clients’ success in their overseas business will lead to the increase in employment opportunities in and out of Japan as well as improvement in the living standards in each country.
All our professionals share both beliefs to contribute to the development of our own and other countries and regions by supporting our clients.